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Past XX century was turning – point in the human culture. Three world wars (the last - informational – as somebody said – is in full swing) made something irreversible with mentality: human understood that he is infinitely alone and anything can be happened to him. “Two existences don’t intersect” – stated Sarthr. People not only don’t understand each other – they even stopped to want it. Notorious “aspiration to mutual understanding” transformed long ago to commercial term – even in policy - using as means of escape from fear to be duped. There is no confidence because everything can be happened. There is no mutual understanding and amount of means using for its achievement is puzzling. The world seems the same as later but informational streams due to their unprecedented width and opening implicit involuntary urge: the world became more rigid and worse. The money becomes cheaper, the houses are destroying, people are divorcing – even those who seemed to be created for each other, men and women are absolutely alien, their locked universes are reflecting by glossy magazines such as “Penthouse” and “Cosmo”. We are flooding with the water as Atlantida and pouring with the flame as Pompeii, mountain avalanches are burring us as ancient civilizations, we are losing our lives due to forces–lost Nature.

We are attacking by encephalic ticks, and spring forest may to become our grave. The airplanes carrying only “extremals” and “Aeroflot” staff falls to us constantly, trains here, there and everywhere goes out of railways, the ships are going down. The permanent war surround us. Our main occupation – repairing of braked. We are shooting and seen this Grate Movie in genre “Film – disaster” for aim to become accustomed at least for apocalyptic week-days and everyday violence. To stop wonder of self blood color.

Lonely human of XXI century may lean only on something within him – external world is not a guarantor but is the source of irritation long ago. The universe of nowadays intellectual is restricted sometimes by the screen of his PC where he is the King and the Lord of personal reality – may play interactive games round the clock or visit pornosites. PC is the door to the Big World but of the customer’s format. It is not the “permittor” for information but more the “restrictor”. Ten pen-friends, couple of sites with anecdotes and couple of open chats where is allowing to scandal – that’s all the news. Kill the information if you don’t want it to kill you.

Sometimes it seems that human relations with each other and with the world are fatal. They can’t return never to warm confident bed. Never return to unselfishness interest to each other. People afraid of those they don’t know – it was so as ever as always. But they already don’t want to know. The fear born ridiculous sentences and theories, draws the image of enemy, operates with legends. Islam’s threat, Judaic-mason’s conspiracy, Third World War. It is thundering more really then Haven Jerusalem. To believe today is possible only in something terrible. Of course, alone human is fearing. The most he is fearing is own solitude – those rational emptiness where is no possibility of symphaty, participation, humanity itself.

Once upon a time all of us – living and languishing now on the five oceans shores – were little and not lone. We were loved. We loved too – parents and apples or hide-and-seek games. The world was little - and very big, free, full of sense. The war imagined as impassible foolishness because it is clear that nothing can be obtained with fists, only bruises will ads. The money was something abstract, peripheral, but adventures and trips – in turn – important and necessary. We were reading good books about knights, honest vagrants and beauty Love – and wanted to be resembled with main heroes. Because in good books the main hero is always kind and honest. Why we forget it with ages? Our solitude and restlessness and fear of tomorrow – only retribution for treachery. We wanted the one but did quite the contrary. Money became the main thing, the wars – unavoidable, the kindness – suspicious, adventures and Love – romantic foolishness. Who treat us to think so for this time?

Rebellion, merciless rebellion. Escape without right of correspondence. I don’t want to live in the world where machines and faceless technologies are ruling, where is no shoulder for maintenance and no hand that is seeking support in me. I don’t want to live behind the iron cartoon that was erecting by indifference and fear. I don’t want to die before haven seen one time the knight on the white horse.

… And nevertheless in spite of seemed hopelessness there are things joining people. All over the world people wish they or not are loved, playing and has the same reaction on beauty. It is mirage that only world wars are joining people (we have no world events exept disasters and cinema premiers). Really people are joining by Art, Love, Game and this hope without guarantee that may be called Trust. May be all this words are the part of some another Word. Because it is attraction to creativity, knowledge and liberty has a definition of “humanity” is it by Darwin, or by Aristotle or by Phoma Aquinate.

Three attributes are featuring the humanity were extracted by Phoma Aquinate after Aristotle (and they are placing now to common European Christian dogmatic) - ethics, logic and poetry. Action, Knowledge and Creativity. No one part of this triad can’t be thinking without Freedom. No one can’t be existed without Love.

May be single “pure” branch remained in such a state still from childhood where all mentioned human qualities are appeared – is Game. For all over the world people are playing for saving from senseless and horror of usual existence.

Are playing for creativity and self discovering – as it is happening in theatre and cinema. Are playing for to become clever – there is a set of intellectual games for this purpose. Are playing for feeling themselves alive because the human is always more real than game’s rules. The game is such a thing that can’t be falcificated or imaged – it is like poetry: it or is or it isn’t. At least people are playing to remember as Koks said: “Productive labor isn’t finishing deal of human. The human wasn’t created only for changing the world but also for enjoying them, not only born to burn incense for Lord but eternally be lucky with Him.”

The game is natural. Consequently there is no surprise that it was XX-Th. Century that born world’s role’s games Movement that even successful adults take part.


There are a lot of books written about role’s games formed to the movement in 1990 in our country. The main opus for this phenomena analysis is Heyzingi book “Homo Ludens”. It is exponent that first Russian role’s games were leaded by Tolkien books played in Europe in 60-th (equally with hippie apogee). Amount and topics of those games is hardly to analyze now. But as before Russia mainly played “Europe” (history and literature). If you can’t go to Paris – you‘ll build own Paris at 40 km from the city with wood, polyethylene and cloth.

And when the life will boil in it, heretic flames will burn and the former golden Latin will murmuring, when you over-live the scholars sabotages, arrests, treachery, escape, when you personally will defend suzerain’s gates – it’s not known what Paris will be more real if God let see it even once.


As it is known games divides on four types – sporting (games-competitions, games goes on the level: player – player), games of chance (player – destiny), games – performances (theatre, level: player – viewer) and games – dreams (games of changed mind/ consciousness). Namely only the last mentioned are role’s. Their main goal – not winning, not role initiation, but game’s process itself, process of deepening to Another. Player totally accept the Person created by literature or imagination and acts from his will. The player lives accordingly with imagined destiny with strangers name in some strange reality.

Role’s game player itself is always separated with own time where he feels his non obligation and marginality to current social processes in accompany with intent to act, think and suffer. As a rule they (players) are young men with rich intellectual potency (golden Youth) haven chance to be born in the period of stagnation or social revisions in that they can’t take part. Role’s game for them – not escape from reality but the return to it.

Analytics says that role’s games has many fathers – psychodrama, learning games, sociological games, theatre’s studios, author’s song clubs, tourism, hippie movement, fantasy amateurs clubs. However all above listed even taking together borne nothing for a long years. Because no one social institution can’t give life to unsociable phenomena such as game. Our role’s movement as all humans role’s games has one father and one mother – Time and Book. And one purpose – to shift the Time and to embodiment the Book. To take own from life NOW.

Nobody can’t count Russian “role’s players”. It is clear that quantity comes to many thousands. They has own press, Internet sites, own clubs, festivals and Сonvents. They present in every big city and there will be no settle soon haven’t them. The State doesn’t see them – and they are grateful for this.
It is obviously that the State and playing people has no mutual debts.

Three years ago in the media of playing youth (their self-calling in Russian is “roleviki” – role’s players) began discussions: quantity of involving people counts on tens thousands, games are sort of social activity needing money attraction and vise versa movement can maintain itself by “purchasing” games – it will be necessary to found and register the party or social organization. Then may wait State’s rendering. Hot disputes conducted on the role’s games festivals till the last year. Overwhelming majority expressed definitely – socialization is death. The game is unsociable due to its nature as a creativity. It is totally unknown what will have to do in change on State’s gifts. Similar situation was not once happened with State’s Unions of painters, writers, with different free ideas that in process of transformation forget all their goals for those they namely raised. The thing is lying in the base of role’s games – Freedom – has too much cost for sail.

It is curiously that our State has absolutely nothing to offer the Youth exept miphes about richening and leadership. Russian role’s games partly came close to deathless soul’s problem and over-State ideas influence. They touch with mystics and theology, they do “another side of life” the subject of investigation and game and they show the policy as one of forms of decreasing of spiritual values (New Testament’s in its basis). All this is the regard for society but not the thing for purchasing. Of course, it will be pity for State to lose the growing generation. But artificial power’s attempts to involve the youth to state’s management (the most alive and real deal to its opinion) on the base of reconstructed “Comsomol” or political youth unions are simply funny: all this structures are the machines for money making, not really the method to influence on social life. No revolution’s impact our country doesn’t over-lives. All the social ideas are taking on rent abroad, the only place where active growing is going is area of informational technologies. Where the main part of our playing youth have a warm place.


Every cultural phenomena has own antique and middle centuries, own renaissains and own New Time. Our role’s Game Movement came throw all this stages and continues to move. But everybody himself can think about continuation.

It is 1990 that is official date of Russian role’s movement birth when by fantasy amateur’s club was conducted first planar role’s game by “The Lord of Rings” on Mana river.

Before this time teenagers companies of course played all they wanted: Three musketeers, Star Wars, Zorro, but it wasn’t more than private hobby. From 1990 this free time occupation became popular and for nowadays does unsuccessful attempts to represent itself as one of serious and professional sorts of activity.

So, antique

It is individual for every players group – it is that time when between the player and text is a little distance, when game coincides with reading or remembering. It is that time, when company plays don’t know about existence of role’s movement. In our case this is those idyllic times, when three human on the kitchen sloping upon the bad copy of Middle-Earth map, feeling themselves real Keepers (state forever losing), when the cloak made from curtain dressed immediately on jeans wear transformed human to elf and this was obvious for all surrounded. It was time of pure simplicity, master’s, fighting, economics and rules are absent. The time when Gods were near (professor and his volumes). The mythology was one – professors, community – narrow and selected, understanding about intellectual property and labor distribution didn’t existed, game time didn’t confirmed and didn’t defined. The game was natural state. Leading type – Homo-feeling.

Early middle centuries

...are forming in antique media after its “barbarization” (new human came from side). The dominate idea is extracting (claiming) and barbarous structurally suppressed to it. Many new people disappeared in 1991 – 1993, attracted by role’s project. Overwhelming text was by Tolkien, that was thinking like a Testament (Old – “Silmarillion”, New – the “Lord of Rings”), explained, reading in any editions, over-said by hart (it is remarkable for early middle centuries – inaccessibility of texts and absence of knowledge – in our case – not familiarity with English), appeared own theologizes and heretics-makers (Natalie Vasilieva – nickname “Nienna”), nobody straggle against heretics, because of there is no dogmatic opinion and forces of suppression doesn’t formed. Flag’s idea – role’s games are astonishingly “cool” and beautiful, our circle is little, we discovered new universe. That’s time main literature – remakes of Testament (“Elf’s been”) and primitive but pure heroic songs. Main role’s type – poet (Homo-emotional). First labor distribution appears – somebody sings, somebody makes something (by hands), somebody makes clever face, but this division is very conditional: the world is whole and everybody is trying to do everything. Role’s media is chaotic, single center or centers are absent, every city has some leaders and leaders has dependent people (feud system). That’s period games – only by Tolkien, they are large (are EVENTS) and very rare. Little games are finishing this period were made by fantasy (presence of mentioned professor is feeling) and D&D technique is testing (table games).

1993 – 1996 are High Middle Centuries

Flowering of feudalism. Big playing territories are appearing (States) – Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan. Role’s convents are arising: ZilantCon (Kazan), VerCon (Ekaterinburg) and SibCon (Tomsk). Clubs, lieges, unions, orders, and another team communities are forming in every city (some of them are alive and now). It is obvious to all that role’s games are the universe needing in radical exploration and all must to do everything to reach success in it. The movement is widening to external world - it is self presentation to social community that continues to be busy with finances and policy. Press releases are making – look how beautiful we are! The press response is – what a fun. Disappointments doesn’t put out of countenances.

The main principle of games building is teams using. Game’s master – absolute Monarch. Master’s institution is shifting from players, communication is conducting by mediators. Club leaders playing parts of seniors are inviting for the games, they are obliged to gather their liegemans to the war. The vassal hasn’t right to refuse because he exists in role’s movement informational area due to senior. The disobedience is equalizing to treachery and is punishing by word’s badgering.

The time’s feature – clubs-feuds (examples – “Inheritance of ancestors”, “The union of mercenaries”, “Griffin’s Order”, “Dragon’s Hart Order”) aggressively compete with each other – who is better, more martial, more practical, more entourage and more disciplined. They has own symbols and ideology. Baronial wars are conducting for authority, shouts and outcries of offended and injured are carrying to the neutral media that quickly looses it’s neutrality.

Game’s items are rapidly widening, the fantasy is overwhelming (Glenn Cook, Mary Stewart, etc.), game’s magic system is forming. It is too much of magic as it is suitable for Middle Ages. The main role’s parts – Hero and Mage. The main demand to player is action’s velocity and logic (people of action and knowledge are in a good price).

That’s time technologies are very cumbersome and of little efficiency. Basic system – hit, chip and erg (unit of life, unit of sufficiency, unit of force). For game approximation to reality all social branches up to demography are simulating by points system. Unsociable branches are modeling by similar way too (primitive transfer). Main game’s courage – winning.

The game by Tolkien is practically one in season – HG (Hobbit Game – in Russian “ХИ”). It became religious institution. HG masters become similar to Vatican Popes, election of new spiritual pastor – occupation for all the country. Holy Writ finally is forming to doctrine’s Code, divines are disputing by occasion of “Blessed Augustan” selected places, but those places are so thin and far from people that people doesn’t suspect of their presence. But divine has a respect (for their wit and education). Holy Writ itself recognized as inaccessible sample and it is very hard to come close to it as in workmanship as in winnings back (recoupment). For mentioned “professors” parts engagements the system of protections, initiations and by personal relations is working.

The straggle against heresy is conducting. The “niennists” and “Darkers” are fighting (ideologically) with supporters of Celt and elf-like traditions; the matter is opinion about professor. Role’s press is appearing. Main trend of role’s literature – chronicles and ballads. The active process of labor dividing in general is coming (creating of workshops). The commerce is appearing (selling of role’s arms and printed production).

Role’s schools are gathering: Effective (Krasnoyarsk), Theatre (Novosibirsk, partly Moscow).

And the main – own theme of Middle Ages began to sound in games items: “Siege of Monseguire”, “Robin Good” and numerous derivatives.

At first item of Christianity is appearing this period: “Apocrypha: three days after Christ’s crucifying”, Ekaterinburg, 1996.

1996 – 1999. RENAISSANCE

Games items and contingent of involved persons continues to widespread – it is taking place the disintegration of Tolkien’s monolith on tolkienists and role’s – players. Role’s players doesn’t play by Tolkien, tolkienists doesn’t play in historical games. But many people play as in first as in second. The choice of games is enormous – from magic (“Ten plunged”) to historical (“Odin’s wolfs”, Macarena) and mysteries (“Conquest of Paradise”). New layers of culture are revealing – Japan, Nearest East, India, archaic, baroque, antiquity, Christian mystics, namely European Renaissance, Scotland, Norwegia, Germany, Chechia and many others (&eactute;poque of geographical discoveries). Also the choice of books – games prototypes is enormous (book edition (rus. “Severo-Zapad”) – “North – West” did its busy well). Game’s scale is different: from 30th to 1000 humans. Supply began to exceed the demand. There are many games and they are not big. Main time’s feature – emancipation of dependent players. The player transmutes to self-dependent unit available for existence due to personal data. Games are making in account not on the team but on the person. It’s very important. The humanitarian upheaval occurs. Master’s prestige contains defined quantity of Good Players. The straggle for human is going. The master’s institution is forming to creative group searching the ways for their ideas realization. According to excess of offers it became clear that games needs in publicity. Active advertising appears. There is informational system for such an actions now – role’s magazines and newspapers, arising amount of convents (MosCon, ChugunCon), FIDO, Internet.

It must be related to time’s humanitarian ideas - weakening of HG religious institution. Anybody can play by Tolkien, anywhere, whenever. It’s not obligatory to go to HG for this purpose and even undesirable. The professor’s “named” parts are taking by self-capture. There is no queue for the parts: professors are playing on flats and regional level (“Keepers” in Ekaterinburg, projects of Saratov, Ukraine, Novosibirsk (“Hi-Hi” by Asya Micheeva). To interpret and to comment Tolkien may also anybody and any how. Nienna makes HG.

As every Renaissance this period of role’s movement nostalgias for the own past, for the time of passed plenty. There is going occurring everywhere abolition of cumbersome technologies – difficult economics, medicine, demography and hit-fighting. The volume of information is replacing by effectiveness. To somebody it turns out well and his experience stands as a sample. It is obvious that to play must be not so obligatory but more pleasantly. The slogan of time – we are playing for ourselves! The theatre’s school flourishing. The main game’s pathos – recoupment. Playing suits difficulties and becomes nicelook. Much money is spending on them. Main demand – not functionality but image’s accordance. Suit-making becomes a business.

Many spheres of near-role’s activity takes justification throw commercialization: audiotapes with player’s recording selling, weapons, arms, accessories, footwear and printed production selling. CG-masters begin to take salary for their game’s work. Game’s fee arises (games becomes bourgeois).

The science is discovered in role’s media. Many players make reports on philological, sociological and philosophical items. The theses on role’s movement are writing as about Phenomenon. It is realizing at many foreshortenings. The works quality is typical for Renaissance – doubtfulness, verbosity. The general question of discussions – what for the human is playing? The relations of role’s movement and external world are spoiling. Thanked suddenly newsmakers bears the information of previous historical period and began to create collective portrait of role-gamer – the infantile aggressor-Satanist. In difference of the previous period this calls not disappointment but the grin. It’s clear – Renaissance main part – squares buffoon. Comical fellows, satires of all sorts’ character parts are welcome at the games.

“The defense of name” at Kazan’s talk-show (1996 – 1997 season) was winning by minstrel-motley and monk-drunkard. Role’s literature is full of irony and wide quoting. Only lazy person doesn’t busy with remakes. The process of sinking previous sacred objects is coming. As is obligatory to Renaissance people interests are moving wide and down. Altruists, enthusiasts and fans become funny. Side by side with this role’s movement is in melancholy about passed Hero’s times – crusaders and paladins (“Conquest of Paradise”, Macarena of 1999), Beautiful Ladies, Round Table Knights (a lot of examples). It is forming symbolic (mistrial) role’s game’s school. For the purpose of continuing confessing of highest samples it uses set of masks (symbols). “The death area” becomes part of games.

This period main deriving – anybody may be a Master. The game is making by player.

1999 – 2002 – NEW TIME

The supply continues to overwhelm the demand, weak master’s groups don’t survive and the strong are joining into manufactories. It is going the process of production forming. All the country divides on playing “zones” (regions), among them few “sharks” acts effectively – successful master’s group of all Russian level and they can to “engage” for the season the masters or game-engineers from any city. Every one of them has own face, specialization, game’s time in schedule and very often self-affiliated name (“Alexander the VI th”, Moscow – Saratov (at the end of June), Macarena, Novosibirsk (9 – 10 of May), “Conquest of Paradise”, Ekaterinburg (the end of July)). Every mentioned gives a guarantee of product quality. If the guarantee doesn’t satisfy – the civil death is waiting for group. Besides this games serials are forming (every time all the same, in the same dates). Sacral Rome Empire failed to pieces of national states, those have no obligations to mythical unity. The unity of role’s movement – thematical, technological, ideological etc. - is realizing as ghost.

The policy of treaty is celebrating: this continent is my, that – your, this game’s dates are my – act out of their boundaries, let’s remain the friends. Players, masters obey to the system of common dividing: when are planning the season and the schedule of summer games. The role’s media is transformed finally to market.

You may be very good or very bed on this market. The straggle for recess is hardening. Communications means exploitation (Internet) makes informational stream enormously wide. For be not lost it is necessary to have own face. The struggle is conducting for face. The style conception is arising.

The style becomes distinctive not only for human, people’s groups but for the games. There are announcing as “fairy-tales”, “fights”, “black fantasy”, “mysteries”, “sags”, “cyber-punk”, “modern”, “post-modern”, “epic ballades” … Genre’s dividing disappear. The most interesting for master is to sustain declared genre. For the gamer – to be free in genre. The problems of taste are sharply arising. The previous times frights – bearded drunk pugnacious fellow or Ideological Enemy – are not actual now. Those players become terrible who doesn’t play (broadcasts “nonplayering”) or plays something not suitable or by something wrong way. The game area is understands as Art.

The masters refuse of monarch-like behavior on the game – they are entering to the game as special class of personages – workers (Protestantism).

The oldest role’s institution – HG – remains mainly conservative. It finally is forming as roles season unit, its liquidation can’t be thinking due to ancient age respect and rendered grate services to country. The HG masters are looking for and invites the players for professors’ roles. The fashion direction pick’s out of games abundance. For the current moment it is mysteries school. The fashion defines many things – items, contingent of participants, the rating. As usually occurs with fashion it becomes the fashion when the ancestor have another occupation long ago.

The role’s sphere continues to professionalize. The role’s theatres are founding. The people – pretenders for professional game-technique are appearing, professional fencing, inventing, dances, WEB-design, sound producing, photography and a lot of occupations haven’t immediate concerning to game. Some of them, stepping over the amateur’s level, leave the role’s media (music group “Mill”). Contacts with the external world are stopping to trouble because everybody may write about anybody practically anything anywhere now. Our people appear on TV, radio, “Literature Newspaper” and the network is fool of them. Our people are even in show business (Chichurina).

Main type of New Time – adventurer and investigator: “Novel of Cloak and Sword” – 1999? “Ballad-Fortune” – 2000, “Name of Rose” - “Gothic” – 2001, “Bartholomew’s Night” - 2001, “Paris mysteries” – 2002). Player is here the catcher of sharp feelings. Homo-knowing is boring for the state of Homo-sensing. Nothing he is mourning more bitter than nowadays cynicism.

Character time’s feature – industrial spying. The ideas are staling by master groups mutually. Sometimes before it’s author realization. So goes natural choice of technologies.

One more time’s feature – rebellion of plebs. The gamers rebels against masters. Renaissance’s turn to human and common fallen of slat gave young growth. Master doesn’t feel himself defended and the gamer doesn’t feel him satisfied. Mutual hating may be seen in network at the end of summer season. Another time relations between masters and players are building by the principle of correctness.

Role’s literature of taken period experiences the enlargement of forms – novel, piece, cycle (musical text as cycle).

Scientific work continues to over mind role’s movement. Diplomas, course works, theses on role’s games. Scientific conferences are conducting on the Convents. Main time’s question – why people doesn’t play during games and how to earn money by games. Role’s movement is searching socialization. Examples – S. Tolmachev’s manifest, “VerCon – 2000”, “Master-Zillant” and the first number of “Magister Ludi” magazine.


Here we’ll talk about modern game’s creation. The quantity of role’s technologies is so amount and so used in the previous historical periods then any may be used without notice to authors. It seems good and proper. But essence of technologies is such that many of them can’t work in the hands of people without special preparing. The technologies becomes antiquated very quickly (if you can’t shake somebody imagination, if you aren’t enough bizarre or aren’t enough terrible – you are not successful). The golden vein here is – human’s frights, feeblenesses and vices. Treat them and you will take the glory. The examples: “Angband – 2002”, “Silmaryllion - Extreme”.


Simultaneously with whimsicality was formed the classical canon of “Good game”. This canon has own human’s, space, ideological and structural format. This is the game with deep submersion to history (book) for 300 – 500 participants, with worked out rules of military operations, medicine, economics, culture, safety measures and with after – death block. Such a game has Introduction and Closing. It is very difficult to make classical game.


Open information and people’s world migration made the following fact obvious – not only we are playing role’s games. The entire world playing them. Role’s games are in Israel (we received an invitation from there to THEIR game by Tolkien), are playing in Germany, Ireland, England, Poland, France. New Zeeland “Lord of Rings” shootings turned this country to demonstration model of game’s polygon. Pilgrims went there during shootings, they continue to go just now. New Zeeland government ordered minister of “Lord of Rings” affairs.

Every country has own game’s history, own format. Somewhere they stayed on the commercial basis and are exist as show for reach people (in the historical decorations of the past). Somewhere they exist on the base of historical clubs and are the examples of extensive reconstruction (in the Poland, countries of Baltiya, our country’s example – Borodino, where every year in the certain date large battle is playing. This is not role’s game in our concrete sense of term – because every soldier knows where and when he will fall – but the phenomenon of the same order).

Our role’s players correspond with foreign colleagues by the network and sometime take part in foreign projects. But it is very little experience for saying about elaboration. Eye-witnesses says that “our” is more interesting and deeper, and “their” is more simply but in the natural land shafts.

Many Russian players will give many for the occasion to play on the ruins of Monseguire the Catar history and the revolt of Wales in Scotland Highlands. As a compromise it may be played in any castle that has remote likeness with natural. Because it is more attractively than in some self-made of logs.

May be it will be reasonably to make a step to each other. Big deal begins from a little. We suppose there are role’s festivals and working convents abroad. Poland and baltian citizen comes to Minsk to festival of middle century’s culture and here is the only place where they can to meet with Russians. But it is too little because nothing except prejudice can enclose people from the will to contact, communicate, amuse and to work together. May be it is necessary for resolving the situation to conduct international festival (meeting) or players convent as a hold-up. It is interesting that in Germany the convent means namely the role’s game on the land shaft.

It is thinking the results of such a convent may be blessed. Multinational games, game’s tourism, cultures interchange, the change of historical past doesn’t containing in books, attempt of over-State’s people joining, attempt of real understanding that as no another similar action renders the bracken of myths and cognition of the World without frontiers. The attempt of the life without the fear of unknown.